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Band-It Stainless Steel Band and Buckles. Available in Type 201 and Type 316 Stainless Steels.

Band-It Hose Clamp Catalogue



Band-It C00169 Tool for 6.4mm to 19mm Band

Band-It Bolt-Clamps D504, D50489, BAB58, BAB 58
Band-It Tools, Band & Buckles 

High strength fastening and clamping with a wide variety of materials, widths and thicknesses
Can be formed to virtually any diameter and shape using the Band-It C001 Tool. Band-It Stainless Steel band is available in widths from 6.4mm to 31.8mm in both 201SS & 316SS.

S75099 Pneumatic Junior Clamp Tool Operating Instructions

Band-It S750 & S75099 Training Video on YouTube

Band-It Hose Clamp Catalogue



Band-It Air Tool

Band-It S750 Air Tool

The Band-It S750 pneumatic tool is designed for volume production clamping of all widths of Band-It Jr pre-formed Clamps with diameters from 20mm to 200mm.

Band-It Jr Smooth ID Clamps
As stiffer and thinner materials increasingly replace soft, spongy thick-walled rubber , Band-It developed the Smooth ID clamp with a uniform gap-free inside diameter that virtually eliminates leaks.
Band-It Smooth ID clamps are manufactured in 44 sizes with widths from 6.4mm to 19.05mm in both 201 & 316 Stainless Steel. The Band-It Smooth ID clamp provides a lower profile to reduce the risk of snags when dragging fire hoses.
Band-It Pre-Formed Clamps can be applied with the Band-It C001 Tool and either the J001 or J050 Adapters. For high speed & large volumes they can also be applied with the S750 Pneumatic Tool.

Also available from UES Promura:

Band-It Ultra-Lok Hose Clamps
Band-It Ultra-Lok Band & Buckles
Band-It PPA Coated 316 Stainless Steel Band
Band-It Monopole Antenna Bolt Clamps D504 & D50489 (BAB 58)
Band-It Sign Brackets
Band-It Ball-Lok Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Band-It Stainless Steel ID Tags
Band-It Giant Band & Giant Buckles
Band-It Tie-Dex Tools & Ties
Band-It Valustrap & Clips
Band-It Band-Fast
Band-It Scru-Lok Buckle
Band-It Tools & Adapters
Band-It Tie-Lok Cable Ties
Band-It Center-Punch Clamps
Band-It Scru-Seal & Scru-Band
Band-It Monopole Bolt Clamps & Mounting Plates D504 & D50489 (BAB58)
S75099 Pneumatic Operating Instructions
S750 Air Pressure Settings
S750 Operator’s Spare Parts Manual
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Band-It Applications
NEW – 2020 Band-It Product Solutions Guide
NEW – Band-It PPA Coated 316 Stainless Steel Band